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Control of Datasource Visibility


It would be great to be able to control the visibility of Datasources so the available options can be reduced. My datasource list is massive as each organisation has multiple spaces and are adding more every day. Apart from my own organisations 4 ds' I only need to see 3 or 4 more not the 50+ I do now.

In lieu of controlling datasource visibility could the server level be shown as it is in the admin client to allow trees to be collapsed and simplify trees.

  • Russell Bunn
  • Jul 8 2021
  • Already exists
  • Thierry Sage commented
    27 Apr, 2023 10:29am

    Enabling a PWDI server or not is not the same than displaying or not the datasource of one PWDI server. The idea is to have maybe another tab for datasources display enabled on one datasources server like we have now to enable or not datasources servers.

  • Linda Klaastad commented
    19 Sep, 2022 08:45pm

    I have this same issue as David and Russell are mentioning. We have 1 hosted server that contains all of our datasources. We want the ability to limit the display of datasources, particularly for external users. If I follow the screenshots, I turn off all datasources. I tried ???? for the hostname, and that doesn't work. I think we all want what is asked for here as a minimum:

  • David Nicholson commented
    13 Apr, 2022 04:34am


    I think wires are crossed here. IRussell and the other voters were looking for a method to suppress the display of datasources that a user may never want to see within a tenant. Appreciate this is fraught with ongoing management challenges; however, a list of 50 datasources in PWE by connecting to a single server is also unnecessary from a user's perspective.

    In Russel's recent image post, I guess their are 3 FQDN tenants.
    - Arcadis-????
    - CPB-????
    - BGE-????

    This is exposing all datasources associated with these FQDN's.

    In the PWE datasource list, I want to display only (say)

    - ANZ Projects

    - BGE_Admin

    - CPB-AU-PW-02

    Hope this helps clarify

  • Admin
    Phil Conard commented
    12 Apr, 2022 01:31pm

    This is available in PW Explorer by going into the Network control panel and turning on or off the servers that display datasources.

  • Russell Bunn commented
    8 Jul, 2021 10:54pm

    image attached