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Notifications though email with Rules Engine when the WRE is set to Execute on server

When WRE is set to Execute on Server there are issues with sending email notifications. When fixing this could you consider adding in the functionality of the "State Change Emails" tool from "Most of Daves Tools" Description below:


Tool that will send emails when documents change states.


This tool allows a ProjectWise Administrator (or Restricted Administrator) to configure sending email messages to specific users on specific state changes.

Datasource Configuration

Requires a Web Server and a SMTP server as well as a configuration file to be configured correctly.

Client Configuration

Outlook installed.


Automatic for end users.


Attached Instructions

  • Guest
  • Apr 11 2024
  • Needs review
  • Luc Poulin commented
    28 Apr 11:29am

    Action example

  • Luc Poulin commented
    15 Apr 08:41pm

    WRE should also include an action Notification

    Which mean we could send a notification each time an action is perform. to Individual(s), Group/List(s) or Roles(s)

    The parameter for this action will accept groups ( PWDI) or role ( WEB)