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Default application for a file extension per work area

In the Work Area resources allow assigning an application as the default application for a file extension in that work area.

As we move to OpenRoads Designer from Power InRoads it would be useful if we could designate "this work area opens ORD by default, while this other is Power InRoads".

  • Kevin Van Haaren
  • Jul 8 2021
  • Needs review
  • Guest commented
    21 Jun, 2023 06:43pm

    i submitted a helpdesk with very very similar reqeust, but basic concept the is my suggestion.

    one your folks suggested i make a formal request that could be tracked and debated....simply put, ProjectWise only allows for 1 default program for files....we have 3 DOT required versions of OpenRoads Designer as well as 2 versions of OpenBridge modeler, we need a way thru configs/powershell/program modification to be able to set a project Folder in PW to have a default program type....folder 1 all dgn's open with 10.11, folder 2 all dgn's open with 10.10. IF product is not installed, then a message stating installed product is not availalbe. Right Click open with is not a solution to the problem, and you guys kinda created the problem. I am using the Bentley best practices for deployed Workspaces and it work long as the last ORD version installed on the computer matches the project setup....I would love a chance to speak to someone in development about this....thanks again. ProejctWise Awesome, ORD awesome, make them more integrated.