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WRE to support drag'n drop in batch

Important lost of functionality

One essential feature we lost when using the WRE to help us automate document management.

We are no longer able to drag'n drop file in batch. Example we have Architect that will drop file in batch of 20 or 100 every week or so. We have the structural team that will drop 1000 of files every two weeks

We can enable manual workflow, but the Rev.Ver. control by the WRE will not be update in create which will create a disruption in the version number

This as also impact on the web client, were we are no longer able to create version other by using the Reject/revise of the WRE..... then drag the file an replace.

Even then the option « Do this for......» is disable

Request is to enhance the WRE to allow to use of the revision engine form the base product so we can recover the lost of functionality.

  • Luc Poulin
  • Feb 20 2024
  • Needs review