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Document code unlock fields

When an environment is associate to a folder and a Document Code is configure for that environment. The fields used for the Document Code are lock.

Request is to allow the fields use in the document code to be unlock when use in the a Document Code to allow users to fully qualify a document inside ProjectWise. ( without the serial number.)

Only the serial number should be generate using the Document Code and at the time the serial number is generate, the whole Document Code will be validate to avoid duplicate.

this would allow us to deposit the native file and the PDF in the same folder and have the PDF to be fully define without a serial number. Else we are left with a document that have no date for the fields use in the Document Code.

The save should be allow even if the serial is not enter, as we need to have those file fully define in terms of attributes. This would be prove useful for place holder where we know the full code and we are waiting confirmation to assign the serial.

  • Luc Poulin
  • Feb 10 2024
  • Needs review