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Updated UI For ProjectWise Explorer

A new updated UI for PW Explorer, the interface has not been updated to my knowledge in well over a decade and is starting to show its age. In a training session recently I had a younger engineer questioning what the icon on an exported document represented. The world has moved on from 3.5In floppy discs sadly....

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  • Oct 9 2023
  • Needs review
  • Iñigo Lorente Riverola commented
    16 Nov, 2023 10:39pm

    Besides a full revamp of ProjectWise Explorer's Windows 2000-esque interface, it should introduce a lot of performance improvements, like asynchronous execution of tasks, parallel upload/download of files, or simply not freezing up everytime the context menu is opened on a large selection of files.

  • Luc Poulin commented
    16 Oct, 2023 03:29pm

    Beside the contextual menu, a dynamic menu could be introduce. Something we see in mechanical software.

    You simply swipe X number of pixel in a direction to activate a commande.

    «Holding down the right mouse button pops up the radial menu which sports a customizable set of 16 commands of your choice, in each of the 28 environments of Solid Edge....»

  • Manuel CARLIER commented
    11 Oct, 2023 12:59pm

    Thumbs up for this one, we had a user requesting for being able to customize the context menu on documents (right click) to remove unnecessary commands, or at least being able to reorganize it to have most useful brought at the top.