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Export to Excel Wizard is not user friendly, how to expand the window pane?

Hi All,

Every pw user that uses Export to Excel wizard wil definitely cringe everytime they use this feature.

1. All users want is to select the files and would like to see the whole information by dragging the borders to expand the window pane.
So far this was not addressed since day one of PW.

2. how many users will be happy to see this? 100% of users.

I believe this can be quickly done by Bentley programmers.

How long can we see any updates to this feature?

Btw, is there a user friendly way to use PW where we just select the files we want and change the attributes on the fly and automatically updates the other selected files?

Thank you.

  • Alvin Tan
  • Jul 24 2023
  • Needs review