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Make a drawing obsolete

Just sharing an idea to see if the concept of obsolete can find a voice or be relate to other similar cases or needs.

As we start a design, we might find later downstream that it is now need to be split in two or more drawings.

At that point the original document will need to be identify as Obsolete and all the reference to this document should understand that and notify the user about the new series of documents.

Exemple xxxx-00010 is obsolete and willbe replace by xxxx-1115/xxxx-1120/xxxx/1150.

Also has we move toward 3D design were we can have a more granular design, retire a design(making it Obsolete) might be more important as the same 3D file can be reuse multiple time until the point where we can no longer use it.

And if 15 year later, maintenance need to be perform and we need to inform the crew that a new design/piece replace the old one.

  • Luc Poulin
  • Apr 20 2023
  • Needs review