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ProjectWise Client Export without references


Something that's driven me crazy for years is the Export tool in ProjectWise Client.

Many times, I want to export the selected file and NOT the references...

Lots of reasons why I may want to do this and, regularly, our files have 20, 30, 50 references (and occasionally 500+) and the export process, especially when working on PW instances in other countries, can be very time consuming.

Please add a toggle to include/exclude reference files (as per attached image).

Bonus points if you add another toggle for raster attachments - which can be huge files and take a long time to download.

Thanks, Michael

  • Michael Gilham
  • Feb 28 2023
  • Needs review
  • Dave Cumming commented
    22 Nov, 2023 10:33pm

    I voted for this idea. But for anyone looking for a workaround now, consider this:

    If you create a Flat Set and add the master file(s) you want to export to it, you can export the Flat Set, itself, and only the master file(s) that it contains will be exported.