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Indent previous versions of documents

Currently it's very hard to track what is a previous version of a document vs a different document entirely. This is especially problematic if the document has been renamed and/or the user has read-only access to the active version.

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  • Sep 20 2022
  • Needs review
  • Luc Poulin commented
    29 Sep, 2023 01:51pm

    Providing input for future enhancement.

    When a document is select, the version could be display in a side or bottom pane. In the same way we have the dependency viewer.

    This will also reduce the load on the system as only the select file will display it's version

  • David Humpherson commented
    21 Sep, 2023 01:42am

    Would be good if the versions could be clustered under the current version as an expandable list. Another option would be to have a show versions command in the documents menu or in the Properties Dialog.

    The same would be good for PDF renditions as well.