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PW Explorer and Admin UI redesign

The ProjectWise Explorer and Admin User Interfaces are outdated. It would be great if they were redesigned to look more modern and not have UI locks on every operation (the green progress bar freezes the whole interface whenever a big file is being transmitted).

  • Iñigo Lorente Riverola
  • Aug 24 2022
  • Future consideration
  • Guest commented
    9 Apr 05:01pm

    If they would add column filters in PW Admin that would be very helpful. having to scroll thru a long list of users is time consuming.

  • Scott Turner commented
    9 Apr 02:20pm

    I cannot agree more.
    PWA is almost obsolete with the movement to the unsupported PowerShell cmdlets.
    PWE is archaic at best, and is not an easy interface to use.

  • Dan Shaner commented
    21 Mar 03:37pm

    Could we get a way to group datasources? This has been requested elsewhere for a long time. One endless list of datasources for those of us who work in numerous environments is just awful. Simply group by host.

  • Franklin Henderson-C commented
    15 Feb 06:35pm

    I have also made this request. But I would say we need much more in that we need a single pain of glass to manage all users and system accounts and the respective licensing, access, and reporting on the system health. For example, if you have more than 1 datasource how do you tell how many users you have or how many projects you have. What access does everyone have in each Datasource, do you have consistent attribution in all datasources.

  • Nathan Banks commented
    6 Nov, 2023 11:30pm

    Its crazy how long this UI has been used for. Drag n Drop a large file from your local computer and you are locked out of Outlook from moving emails. Brings me back to Win95.... This should be the #1 priority - as every other bug/feature are rarely fixed, and when fixed, its re-introduced in a later version. Bentley are really showing how they are digital dinosaurs by continuing this failed/outdated UI.