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Projectwise Client Access Explorer Licensing, secret switch has been thrown

We do a lot of DOT work and have been using Bentley products for 20+years and have accessed the DOT's Projectwise Explorer for close to 10 years. Apparently Bentley thought it was a good idea to throw a "secret switch" that turned off this access and scared the DOT into a patent answer of "we don't provide any licenses outside the DOT, you must have your own Projectwise Explorer license". This is great customer service (sarcasm), we got a 7 day trial notices and thought this is the usual, our server is having trouble talking to Bentleys server, nope see "secret switch" referenced earlier. Now we are trying to wade through the multiple option of Projectwise to get the explorer working again as inexpensively as possible so we can continue taking care of our clients. Bentley gets this happy customer email letting you know how great your product is and how awesome upgrading to the newest product has been (yep sarcasm again).


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20+ years of Bentley product use

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  • Dec 1 2021
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