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Set a background color at Projectwise Explorer

It's not uncommon that I have the need to be logged in as a regular user and as an administrator simultaneously.

It could be nice if it was possible to bound a color to a user or a data source so it will be more visual which data source/user I have in focus.

I could point at the open source application "FileZilla". The program offers the user to set a color at each connection there is open at the same time. It's simple and it give the user an easy way to ensure where he is and to avoid to make any expensive mistakes.

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  • Nov 30 2021
  • Needs review
  • Guest commented
    1 Dec, 2021 10:01am

    Hi Daniel,

    Not really, but I struggled to find a page where to enter my idea. When I found one, I wasn't attentive on that there was several groups where to add in ideas.

    It's obviously misplaced so feel free to move it to a more appropriate page. If that is impossible, I will gladly enter the idea again on a page where it belong. Just need to get it designated.

    Just keep me posted.

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    Daniel Bishop commented
    30 Nov, 2021 09:33pm

    Hi. Thanks for posting the idea. But, does this relate to the Entitltement Management site or Bentley Systems licensing?